Bay and Bow Windows by Taylor Door Co.

Bay and Bow windows from Taylor Door Co. are carefully handcrafted to enhance the natural light in your home, expand your outdoor view, and create a spacious living environment. Their durability promises long-lasting performance, while their aesthetic appeal adds a touch of elegance to your space.

Bay Windows

Experience the functionality and versatility of Taylor Door Co. Bay windows. Designed to last for decades, these windows introduce more light, offer low maintenance, and enhance energy efficiency. Equipped with heavy-duty vinyl frames, these windows also come with a unique installation system to prevent sagging, eliminating the need for knee braces.

Bow Windows

A Closer Look

Common Features of Bay and Bow Windows

  • Exceptional Insulation: Heavy-duty vinyl frames with up to 14 separate internal chambers provide excellent insulation, while the sealed insulation in the window frames enhances thermal performance.

  • Smooth Surface: Soft White vinyl frames and sashes feature an exceptionally clean surface, ensuring your windows stay beautiful for decades.

  • Fingertip Window Operation: Stainless steel ‘constant force balancing’ (double-hung models) and engineered Truth® turn-handle systems (casement models) ensure easy window operation.

  • Strength and Durability: Heavy-duty 1-1/4″ thick wood in the head, seat, and jamb boards provides strength and durability.

  • Elegant Design: Elegant, handcrafted wood seatboards and trim-available in oak or birch-offer the look and feel of fine furniture.

  • Moisture Control: Patented scupper system prevents moisture accumulation in the window frames by channeling it outside.

  • Water Penetration Prevention: GAF Weather Watch coating prevents water penetration into your home.

  • Superior Seal: Automotive-type window glazing creates a super-tight seal.


FAQ: All about Bay Windows

Find quick answers to commonly asked questions about our bay and bow window solutions read below.