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5300 Series- Speciality- Shaped Windows

Gorell specialty-shaped replacement windows help you realize your unique design ideas! You can choose from a myriad of specialty window styles, colors, glass options and grid patterns to customize your windows with a truly exquisite look. Your home-with its elegant, traditional, modern or contemporary look-will become the highlight of the neighborhood.

Specialty-shaped styles in the 5300 Series include Half Round, Quarter Round, Eyebrow, Half Eyebrow, Cathedral, Hexagon, Octagon, Oval, Ellipse, Full Circle, Triangle, Trapezoid and Pentagon. Just imagine the possibilities!

Standard Benefits: 

  • Heavy-duty vinyl frames-with all corners fused together at high temperatures for extraordinary strength-have 10 separate internal chambers to provide excellent insulation.
  • Soft White vinyl frames and sashes feature an exceptionally smooth, clean surface that keeps your Gorell windows looking beautiful for decades.
  • PPG’s Intercept® warm-edge spacer system reduces energy loss through the glass.
  • Automotive-type window glazing creates a super-tight seal.
  • Insulating foam wrap around the frame reduces the likelihood of drafts between the window and any voids in your walls.
  • Finely detailed millwork design on the interior master frame gives your windows the look of handcrafted molding.
  • Most airtight, energy-efficient window style offered in the U.S.

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