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Gorell sliding patio doors are in a class of their own. They operate smoothly and reliably, help lower heating and cooling costs and make homes more comfortable and secure. Precision engineered and custom built, these rugged vinyl doors will perform problem-free and provide tight, secure closure for decades.

Unlike traditional aluminum screens you’ll find on patio doors from most manufacturers, Gorell’s sliding patio door screens feature “all-vinyl” color-matched heavy-duty screen frames. These unique vinyl screens are also top-hung to ensure smooth-gliding operation for the life of your home.

Standard Benefits:

  • Heavy-duty vinyl frames-with all corners fused together at high temperatures for extraordinary strength-provide excellent insulation.
  • Soft White vinyl frames feature an exceptionally smooth, clean surface that keeps your Gorell doors looking beautiful for decades.
  • PPG’s Intercept® warm-edge spacer system reduces energy loss through the glass.
  • Aluminum-reinforced door panels provide additional strength and durability.
  • Solid color-matched handles-designed to follow the contours of the hand-are elegantly styled and corrosion-resistant to provide years of everyday, problem-free service.
  • Secondary dead bolt, standard on Gorell doors, bolts the operating door panel into the master frame at the top, providing greater security.
  • Exterior key lock set allows homeowners to use their sliding door as a keyed entry.
  • Angled key locks make it easier to access and operate the door lock without scraping knuckles.
  • Innovative glazing bead, uniquely made of two separate materials, helps to keep air and moisture from getting between the glass and frame, which adds years of life to the door.
  • Automotive-type glazing creates a super-tight seal.
  • Polypropylene poly-fin weather stripping helps make your door airtight.
  • Zinc-plated solid steel ball-bearing tandem rollers ensure quiet, exceptionally smooth gliding action for your door.
  • 100 percent vinyl screen frames are heat-fused at the corners and top hung so that they stay on track and operate more smoothly and last much longer than standard screens.

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