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At Taylor Door Co., we are committed to helping you find the best products and prices. From doors and windows to hardware and parts, our team has the experience and knowledge you need. We make it easy to install or repair commercial and residential windows and doors. Our installation and repair services are fast, and most can be done in one day. Plus, we will get the job done right the first time, so you can experience years of reliable, durable and worry-free doors and windows. Our team builds, sells, installs, repairs and stands behind our products. With more than 30 years of experience as members of the International Door Association, you can trust Taylor Door Co. We will make sure you never pay more than $400 for garage door repair! Our garage door repair experts are only a phone call away! Request a free consultation today.

Here’s what you can expect from our company:

- No gimmicks, ever. We quote fair, honest prices. We want you to trust our company and quality of service.
- A friendly, courteous, and professionally trained garage door technician that shows up on-time.
- A comprehensive 29-point inspection of your garage door system. We’ll spot the problems, fix it, and perform preventative maintenance to keep your door working worry-free.
- Before we begin any work, you’ll receive an accurate diagnosis of all issues with a complete estimate for any additional work that may be required.
- Complete satisfaction. A working garage door system with a worry-free 1 year guarantee from us. We’ll fix it right on the first visit or the return trip to correct the problem is 100% free.

29 Point Safety Inspection at Each Visit

As part of your service call, our professionally trained technician will do a thorough check of your garage door, including:

• Door Balance
• Torsion Springs
• Door Rollers
• Door Cables
• Safety Hardware
• Cable Drums
• Center Bearing Plate
• Side Bearing Plates
• Backhangs Secure
• Torsion Shaft
• Section Hinges
• Flag Brackets
• Vertical Track Alignment
• Horizontal Track Alignment
• Reinforcing Struts
• Garage Door Header
• Garage Door Jambs
• Spring Pad
• Lubrication
• Bottom Weatherseal

• Fasteners Secure
• Opener System (includes the following:)
- Operator Motor
- Trolley Rail
- Safety Reverse
- Force Settings
- Limit Settings
- J-Arm Mounting
- Photo Eye Sensors
- Emergency Release