Save on Electric Bills with Proper Home Door Insulation

by TaylorDoorCo on January 3, 2014


With the winter months coming up quickly, you’ll need to find the best ways to save on electric bills with proper home door insulation. Here are some of the fastest cheapest ways to save on your electric bills.

Save Money with Weatherstripping

A very easy and quick fix to stop those drafty doors from costing you money. The foam weatherstripping is available at almost all hardware stores for a very little fee. In order to install you only need about 30-45 minutes. First you measure the sides and top of the door frame. Then you transfer the measurements from the door frame to the foam and cut the strip with scissors. Remove the tape on the back of the foam and apply the adhesive side to the inside of the door jam.

How Door Thresholds Help

This is a bit more expensive and time consuming, but not by much. All you need to do is get a vinyl bulb threshold from your local hardware store and have some basic tools. First you remove the old threshold and clean the area it was at. Then measure and position the new threshold and cut it to the right length. Lay down a bed of caulk along what will be the back edge of the threshold. Then simply slide the threshold forward to get a tight deal against the bottom of the door and fasten the threshold in place.

Install a Door Sweep, Save Cash

This is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to lower your energy bills. This will cost you less than $50 and take less than 30 minutes. Buy a door sweep, then take it out and mark the holes that will need to be drilled. Pre-drill your holes to receive the screws for the door sweep, drill in the screws and fit snugly against the threshold. Bam. You’re done.

All of these are really low cost ways to save yourself money on your electric bills in the winter by using simple insulation. 

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