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6200 – Medium Duty Service Doors / 6000 – Service and Insulated Doors / 6500 – Counter Shutters

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taylor door rolling steel doors, commercial doorsSeries 6200-Medium Duty Service Doors

Loading dock and material handling locations demand a street-tough rolling service door that represents an exceptional value at a moderate price.

The Model 6241 utilizes aggressive, yet innovative design approaches to deliver sensible, high performance features that meet these demands.

- Standard sized commercial 2-1/2” interlocking flat slats in 24-gauge steel are hot-dipped galvanized, pre-painted in gray and white, and maintain high security with lighter weight and reduced cost.
- Cast iron, malleable endlocks exceed industry expectations for performance and wear in a light industrial door.
- Structural steel three-angle guides utilize integral bell mouths, curtain stops and Quick-Release guide angles for higher security, maximum durability, faster installation times and no-hassle, simplified repair requirements.
- Repairs are quickly and inexpensively expedited with common, readily available components.
- Full-sized headplates provides a solid platform for chain hoist or motor operation.
- Half-hexagonal formed hoods, pre-finished in white, deliver superior structural rigidity and high aesthetic appeal.
- Heavy-duty, 3.5:1 chain hoists install quickly and provide a fine balance between operator effort and cycling speed.
- Security is enhanced with plated slide locks for manual operation, or a chain keeper suitable for padlocking for chain hoist operation.
- Value is enhanced by building real time performance expectations into time proven, reduced cost designs.

taylor door service doors, commercial series 6000Series 6000-Service and Insulated Doors

Classic Engineering
C.H.I Rolling Service Doors are computer engineered with time proven principles and designs. The result is a well-tuned, high performance coiling door.

Maximum Value
At C.H.I. we understand that the architect, building owner, installer and service technician each seeks value with absolute reliability. The Series 6000 simplifies the process of selection by integrating the highest design principles into standard features. Simply stated, Series 6000 Service Doors are manufactured to meet your highest expectations of quality, fit and function with no excuses.

Details Count
Series 6000 Service Doors are available with curved or flat slat service curtains as well as fully weathersealed and insulated curtains. A standard white back and hood provides a bright, light reflecting interior surface. Guides feature a medium black primer coat that matches well with standard paint colors as well as many powder coat choices. Curtains are offered in solid gray, gray and white or tan and white paint finishes.

Industrial Heritage
Structural steel angles are used to fabricate guides for maximum strength and durability. Curtain gauge selection may be made from 22, 20 and 18 gauge galvanized, high tensile steel. Precision, self-aligning ball bearings support both tension and drive components. The entire spring assembly is designed for simple field removal and inspection. Hoods are formed in a half-hexagonal shape for structural rigidity and aesthetic appeal. Chain hoist operation is a standard feature, and motor operation is available

commercial doors series 6500, taylor door counter shuttersSeries 6500- Counter Shutters

Security and beauty blended with smooth, quiet and effortless operation, the C.H.I. Series 6500 counter shutter is a wonderfully refined, architecturally pleasing enclosure.

- The Model 6544 features a clear anodized, extruded aluminum curtain and guides.
- The Model 6522 features a painted steel curtain with clear anodized, extruded aluminum guides.
- The Model 6566 features a stainless steel curtain with a #4 finish and stainless steel “J” guides.
- Blemish-free exterior: The Models 6544 and 6522 feature hidden headplates, guides and wall fasteners for a well-blended, architecturally sensitive appearance.
- Visible seams and shadow lines are eliminated from extruded aluminum guides due to unique joint designs.
- Soft brush guide runners silence curtain operation and seal out dust and noise.
- Dual-bottom bar seal assures a soft, non-marring touch down to valuable counter tops.
- Thumb turn locks are spring assisted, and secure each side of the bottom bar into hidden recesses in the guides. – Cylinder locking is optional for each side.
- Integral lift rails on the bottom bar provide full width manual access and simplified lifting.
- Invisible tubular motor operation, awning crank operation, or exterior mount motor is optional.
- Compact in design, the Series 6500 installs into minimum head and side room dimensions.

taylor door series 7300, commercial fire doorsSeries 7300- Fire Doors

Guardian™ Fire Doors promote achievable standards for drop test compliance by making the job safe, understandable and simple for everyone. Simple test fire doors are our standard for chain hoist and motor operated doors.

A Feasible Investment
Selected most often for practical drop test compliance and assuring positive crisis response, Guardian™ Fire Doors deliver reliable, predictable and repeatable results.

An Exceptional Choice
The National Fire Protection Association and other model codes recommend frequent drop testing of fire doors to assure a continuous state of operational readiness. C.H.I. strongly promotes these recommendations with the Guardian’s™ advanced design features:

Safe, simple, inexpensive and repeatable drop testing is now made possible in any facility with a flip of a handle.
No ladders, tools or equipment are required to drop test and reset Guardian™ Simple Test Fire Doors.
Drop speed is governed by a quiet, centrifugal brake to between 6″ to 12″ per second.
Gear reduced chain hoist operation is standard, efficient and economical.
Manual push-up operation and fail-safe motor operation is optional.
165 degree fusible links are provided as standard detection/release devices.
U.L. Labels are provided from 3/4 hour to 4 hour for labeled and for oversized doors.
Guides mount to approved masonry, steel and sheetrock jambs.
Upward-expanding guides may be welded to approved steel jambs.
Fail-safe time delayed releases, smoke detectors and audible and visual warning systems are optional.
Installation time is reduced significantly due to elimination of complicated release assemblies.
Curved or flat slat profiles are offered in pre-painted or powder coated options.

commercial fire counter shutters, taylor door series 7500Series 7500- Fire Counter Shutters

Fire protection manufactured to the highest standards, C.H.I. fire shutters feature attractive, space-saving designs and user-friendly operation.

U.L. labeled for installation to approved sheetrock, masonry and steel openings, Series 7500 Fire Shutters meet all U.L. requirements for counter and window openings.

- 45 minute, 90 minute and 3 hour U.L. labels with full compliance to NFPA-80 standards.
- Standard curtain features 1 1/2” pre-painted, hot-dipped galvanized steel slats.
- Optional stainless steel curtain and guides available in a #4 finish.
- Shop painted guides in a medium gloss black matches well with many powder coat options.
- Reliable viscous governor provides smooth, quiet drop testing.
- Easily drop tested and reset with a minimum of downtime to assure operational readiness.
- Designed for face of wall mount and between-jamb mounting configurations.
- Manual push up operation is standard. Gear reduced awning crank operation is optional.
- Bottom bar slide bolt locks are standard with cylinder locking optional.
- 165-degree fusible links are provided as standard detection/release devices.
- May be installed with all approved detection and release devices.
- Attractive, compact hood is designed for maximum efficiency in tight areas.

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