Rolling Steel Doors-Light Duty Standard Lift Sectional

Light Duty
7-8 cycles/hr


commercial rolling steel doors, taylor door ATS2113XATS2113X

Light-Duty Trolley Operator

Model ATS is an advanced trolley system light-duty trolley operator. It features an automatic safety reverse and door stop, a maximum run timer, a heavy-duty “I-beam” configured trolley track, an auto-reconnect trolley and meets requirements for both commercial and residential door operators.


Automatic Safety Reverse/Automatic Door Stop: Reverses door automatically if obstructed when going down, stops if obstructed when going up.

The Protector System®: Non-impact infrared safety reversing device senses obstructions and automatically reverses the door´s direction without making contact.

Motor: High-torque, industrial, 1/2 H.P., 115V, single-phase motor with instant reverse and automatic reset thermal overload.

“I-Beam” Trolley Track: Industrial-strength, heavy-duty steel “I-Beam” configuration for increased rigidity for 8´, 10´ and 12´ door heights. Full #48 chain drive.

Pushbutton Station: Momentary contact to open and close.

Manual Release with Auto-Reconnect Trolley: Manual release in case of power failure. When power is restored, a push of the button automatically reconnects the door and operator.

Security Light: Turns garage door opener lights on automatically when The Protector System beam is broken.

Equipped with PosiLock™: When the garage door is down, it´s securely locked. If an intruder tries to force the door open, the opener automatically reactivates to the closed position.

Rolling Code Technology: The ATS is equipped with a Security+® Rolling Code Receiver: With every activation, Security+ transmits a brand new code, one of over 100 billion codes, never to be repeated. The ATS Security+ operator can accommodate up to eight Security+ remote controls as well as one Security+ Keyless Entry System. Ideal for multiple drivers. (Remote controls are not included.)

Warranty: 1-year warranty.

LiftMaster offers optional Remote Controls and Keyless Entry System with Security+ Anti-Burglary Coding.