Rolling Steel Doors-Heavy Duty High or Vertical Lift Sectional Special Application

Special Application

commercial rolling steel doors, taylor door liftsEGJ
Damp Environment Operator
Model EGJ is a damp environment operator. It features a high-cycle capacity, a compact design, requires no chaines or sprockets on sectional doors, handles tough environmental conditions and includes a dynamic brake.

Motor: Continuous-duty, ETFC high starting torque motor with instant reverse and overload protection. Available in1/2 HP (375W); single phase. Capacitor start and three phase motors. Removable without affecting limit switch settings.
Drive Reduction: 45:1 sealed gear reducer with internal clutch system. “Through-Shaft” reducer design allows operator to be directly mounted onto the 1″ torsion shaft of sectional doors, for an approximate door speed of 12″/second. Optional reduction shaft is required for use on rolling doors or sectional door to provide an approximate door speed of 8-9″ per second.

Emergency Manual Operation: Model EGJ provides easy manual operation upon activation of the floor level disconnect.

Wiring Type: C2 wiring is standard, B2 is easily selected providing momentary contact to OPEN/CLOSE and STOP with open override. The operator is pre-wired to accept a sensing edge, photoelectric control, radio controls and most types of access control equipment.

Operator/Motor Control: Across-the-line type, size “0″ contactor motor switching, mechanically interlocked (NEMA 4 enclosure).

Dynamic Brake: Assures stopping of door in damp environments.

Bearings: High-cycle sealed ball bearings on the gear reducer.

Friction Clutch: Adjustable friction clutch helps protect against damage to the door and operator should the door meet an obstruction.

Pushbutton Station: Three button station for OPEN/CLOSE and STOP functions is incorporated into the wall mounted NEMA 4 electrical enclosure. Additional NEMA 4 controls with one, two or three buttons are available.

Construction: NEMA 4 type electrical box and TEFC motor.

Control Circuit: 24V NEC Class 2.

Warranty: 2-year warranty.

CPS-N4 – NEMA 4 Commercial Protector System:(Recommended) A reliable “non-contact” photo safety sensor designed to sense an obstruction and signal the door operator to reverse to open.
Operator Cover: For wall-mounted operators. Recommended for damp environments where direct spray is present (1A3982).

Sensing Edge: (recommended) Designed to sense an obstruction and signal the door to open. Either an electric or pneumatic edge system can be used.

NEMA 4 Control Station: A die cast metal NEMA 4/12 outdoor surface mount 3 button control station will withstand your wet environment. (02403)