Garage Door Spring Repair Grosse Pointe Farms

Your Garage Door Springs

If your Grosse Pointe Farms garage door is in need of spring repair, this is not a fix that you want to put off. Real damage can be done to your garage door or your loved ones if the spring should snap or break unexpectedly. Alleviate these issues with one simple service: Taylor Door Co. Our trained professionals will fix your garage door springs in no time at a reasonable cost.

Signs Your Garage Door Springs Are On the Outs

Many people don’t even know if their garage door springs are in need of repair until the door starts malfunctioning. Use preventative services to assure that these issues do not affect you. Typical reasons garage door springs need repair include:

  • Age and wear
  • Insufficient lubrication
  • Inadequate safety cables
  • Imbalanced springs
  • Inadequate spring brackets

Contact Taylor Door Co. Today For A Free Estimate

Don’t put your safety or garage door at risk, contact Taylor Door Co. today for a free repair quote. Gain peace of mind and assurance that your Gross Pointe Farms home is the safest it has ever been. Call 1-800-NEW-DOOR or visit Taylor Door Co. online!