Garage Door Repairs and Services in Ferndale, Michigan

Taylor Door Company is your No. 1 source for garage door repairs Ferndale, Michigan. For more than 30 years, Taylor Door has made it a priority to provide high-quality garage door services in Ferndale, MI to its customers. We stand behind our products, and we are able to fix everything from broken cables to broken springs. Contact us to get a free quote for all your garage door needs by calling 586-755-6500.

Taylor Door Co. Rates for Garage Door Services in Ferndale, MI

To make the repair process as stress free as possible for our customers, we don’t hide our repair rates, part prices or hourly rate. We pride ourselves in never charging more than $300 for any of our garage door repairs in Ferndale, MI. We also provide same-day repair services for your convenience! Our replacement part prices are as follows:

  • Torsion Springs (standard warranty) – $75 (1) or $110 (2)
  • Torsion Springs (lifetime part warranty) – $150 (2)
  • Extension Springs – $60 (1) or $75 (2)
  • Hinges – $7 each (bottom and top brackets)
  • Cables – $15 (1) or $25 (2)
  • Lift-Master Gear Kit – $45
  • Struts (panel brace) – $2.50 per foot
  • Rollers (standard) – $7 each (1), $5 each (5) or $4 each (10)
  • Heavy Duty Rollers – $10 each (1), $7 each (5), $5 each (10)
  • Wall button – $20 each
  • Photo eyes (set) – $45

For more information on the products and services we offer, call us today 586-755-6500.

Use our Garage Door Services in Ferndale, MI Today

As a member of the International Door Association, we stand behind our high-quality products and we know doors! To find out more about Taylor Door Co. garage door services in Ferndale, Michigan, contact us today at 586-755-6500.

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