DIY Door Ideas for Your Home

by TaylorDoorCo on July 17, 2013

Looking for easy ways to update the interior or exterior of your home? Taylor Door has simple DIYs ideas for transforming your doors and bringing new life and style to your house. Simple door updates can change the whole look and feel of a room, try some of these easy tips for an instant room upgrade:

  1. Paint- The easiest way to transform a room is adding color! Painting a boring door in a bold hue or pattern will instantly add style and create a modern feel for any room.

  2. Glass- Replace drab doors with chic glass doors that add a modern feel and open up a space. For more privacy fog the glass or add curtain rods for a pop of color.

  3. Wood- Replacing an interior door with a wooden barn door creates a homey atmosphere with the perfect touch of style. Choose a warm color for a welcoming feel or use a bold paint and sand it down for a shabby chic update.

  4. Hardware- Don’t overlook the little things, simply updating the hardware on your doors can make your standard doors unrecognizable. Stylish hardware is the fastest fix to a perk up your room!

  5. Panels- Adding panelled doors to any room instantly adds a stylish, put-together feel. Choose traditional paneling or get creative for a more modern look. Panelled doors are the perfect addition to any home.

Taylor Door Co. Doors for DIYs

If you’re looking to update the doors in your home, shop new doors at Taylor Door today! At Taylor Door we have durable doors with classic style. Check out the latest styles and materials online to see what fits for your home. With a new door from Taylor Door and the simple steps above, you will transform your home into a stylish oasis fast. Be proud of your doors, shop Taylor Door today! Call 586-755-6500 to get started!

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