Choosing A New Entry Door

by TaylorDoorCo on January 4, 2014

new entry doors

Entry doors are the first impression to any home, so start off on the right foot! When choosing a new entry door it is key to be efficient, practical and unique. Several factors go into making this decision and several components make up the process of what new door may be right for you.

With these things in mind, here are five tips to remember when choosing a new entry door:

  1. Let The Door Compliment Your Home- Keep in mind your exterior design patterns and what the entry to your home looks like. Choose wood or colors that compliment accents like stone or carpeting. No two houses are exactly alike and the door to your home should reflect this as well!
  2. Let The Door Compliment Your Personal Style- Don’t be boring! Colorful doors can be really fun accents to a home’s decor. If your style is more classic, think about a solid, sturdy door. If you think in color, yellow and blue tend to fit nicely regardless of shade and regardless of surrounding decor. Whatever you may like, let your door reflect it!
  3. Be Thrifty- Entry doors come in a vast array of prices. Set a budget for yourself and stick to it. This allows you to splurge on aspects of your house that are more important and just as noticable as the entry door. Recycled options are also available to fit various budgets!
  4. Be Practical- Think realistically. Ranch style homes are not meant to have cathedral style doors and farm homes are not meant to have entire glass entry doors. Keep your style unique, yet suited to its surroundings. Neighbors take notice of these aspects too.
  5. Be Creative- Practicality being established, creative options always exist. Small accents of glass or handprints from your kids give doors a personal touch. The world is your oyster! Dream up accents that reflect your family and your place of residence!

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