All About Wood Doors

by TaylorDoorCo on October 15, 2013

The first thing your guests will notice when they come to visit is your front door. To make a good first impression for all those visitors, take some time to take care of your front door and give it the character that reflects what your home is all about.


Why Choose a Wood Door?

The best choice for a look style, character, warmth and class is a wood door. Wood gives the natural beauty and substance that cannot be match by any other material. Wood doors with a natural or a stained finish will be a great compliment with any style of house. Lower-grade woods can take paint readily for an easy change of face for the front door at anytime.  Wood is relatively easy to shape and cut, so in the hand of the right professional the customization possibilities are endless.

Different Types of Wood Doors

These are three of the most popular woods used for entry doors and some things you need to know about each type.

Oak - The wood of an oak tree has an attractive texture that appeals to furniture makers but has great qualities for entry doors. The oak tree grows slowly and lives a very long time which gives oak great strength. Oak is also one of the most dense woods available. The resistance to decay is also one of the best selling points of oak.

Mahogany - Typically this wood is a red, pink, or salmon-color when it’s first cut. The color deepens as the wood matures, taking on a rich red or brown-red cast. The texture has a fine to medium texture, with grain that varies from straight to wavy or curly. Mahogany is also a very strong and robust wood.

Cherry - As the name would suggest, cherry wood is reddish in color and darkens with age and light exposure. It has a straight, fine grain and smooth texture. It has a medium-density that makes it a flexible, easy to work with wood that has a beautiful finish.

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