All About Metal Entry Doors

by TaylorDoorCo on October 15, 2013


The appearance of a home makes a statement about the person that lives there.  It is important to make a good first impression, make sure that your front door is stylish and welcoming to all of your guests as they enter your home.

There are many great choices to look at when replacing the front door of your home.  One of the best choices when you’re looking for both durability and price is a wooden door that is clad in metal.  Wooden core metal clad doors are a step up in the price department from traditional steel doors; however, they offer better looks and are less prone to rust.  These doors can be found in several metal finishes which will keep with the theme of any home.

Aluminum - Features a wood core, covered in a durable aluminum skin. These doors can be ordered in a variety of colors and finishes, while being inexpensive and energy efficient.

Copper - Also featuring a strong wooden core, but clad in beautiful copper.  These are also extremely durable and energy efficient, while giving you home that look that all of your neighbors will envy.

Bronze - This is the most expensive option when considering a metal clad door.  It features the same strength and durability as aluminum and copper.  Bronze, just like copper can develop a beautiful patina over the years, which will give it that one of a kind look.

Finding Metal Clad Doors in Michigan

Start making better first impressions  and replace that old , worn out door today.  At Taylor Door Co. we have a great selection of metal clad entry doors to choose from and an experienced staff that is ready to answer any questions that you may have.  Call 1 (800) NEW – DOOR for more information today!

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