All About Fiberglass Doors

by TaylorDoorCo on October 22, 2013


In the world of entry doors, fiberglass brings a lot of attention. Compared to other entry door materials, fiberglass is usually priced in the middle, but will outperform in terms of toughness and requires little maintenance.

Like steel doors, fiberglass doors are built with an inner foam core, which accounts for its light weight. This also gives fiberglass high energy efficiency. This also makes it impervious to environmental damage, such as moisture, rot and insects.

If you would still like the look and feel of real wood doors, like a rich mahogany, real oak or fir, fiberglass doors are now able to mimic those. Completed with a variety of stain colors and fine detailing, its hard to tell the difference from the real thing.

One of the best features of fiberglass doors is the low maintenance of the door. Reasons include:

  • Fiberglass doors are stable

  • Won’t warp from weather extremes

  • Won’t contract or expand due to humidity

Because of this, fiberglass doors are great for painting. Paint and stains will last longer and rarely require a touch up.

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