5 Affordable Home Decor Updates

by TaylorDoorCo on December 16, 2013

Changing the look of your house doesn’t have to be expensive and time consuming. Check out these ideas for transforming your home while saving time and money.

  • Awning – Current trends see more and more people removing old awnings from above their doors to increase their curb appeal. If you have an awning, make sure it fits with the look of the porch and be sure to replace yours if it is old, outdated, or just plain rusted. If the awning isn’t salvageable you might want to consider getting out the toolbox and removing it altogether

  • Backsplash – Speaking of trends; brick, tile and tin backsplashes are a popular quick and easy way to spruce up the kitchen. For under $100, you can install one of these in about a day and completely change the look of the room.

  • Kitchen Cabinets – A fresh coat of varnish can do wonders on a wooden cabinet that has seen a lot of wear and tear. Also, replacing the existing knobs and pulls with new ones of the same size are an easy upgrade.

  • Garage Door – Wooden carriage-style garage doors are becoming popular and only require about a $2,500 investment. On the cheaper side, a standard replacement door can run about $250 and can be installed in just a day’s time. Garage doors should be replaced every 20 years due to safety and ease of use.

  • Front Entrance Door – The front door is the focal point of the home. For this reason, it is the most important part of the front of the house. Nobody wants an unattractive front door. From glass, frames, hinges, energy efficient sweeps and weather stripping, the DIY Door Store has all your front door renovation needs covered.

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