What Does Your Front Door Say About You?

by TaylorDoorCo on August 7, 2013

It’s widely known that your front door is one of the top focuses when it comes to curb appeal– but I bet you didn’t realize the significance that door color can make to a homeowner’s neighborhood personality. Do you think your front door is sending the right message?

The Color Code for Your Front Door

Check out what these colors mean before transforming your entryway:

  • Red - If you’re outgoing and not afraid to say what’s on your mind, then red is the color for your front door. Make your home stand out with the vibrancy of red.

  • White - Your white door shows that you are organized and structured; you prefer to keep things neat and clean.

  • Purple – A purple door can show who the free-spirit is of the neighborhood. You enjoy taking risks and often dream big. Purple is also a color correlated to royalty– for a distinctive addition to your home.

  • Black – If you prefer timeless tradition, stick to black for your entryway. Black says you respect consistency and are conservative in your manner.

  • Blue – A blue front door says that its owner is laid back and easygoing in most situations. Choose blue if you want to give off a friendly, relaxed vibe to your neighbors.

  • Yellow – A yellow front door says that you are a leader that prefers a fun twist to your lifestyle.

  • Green – Similar to yellow, a green front door shows that you are a leader that values being a part of the community. Your views also stem from traditional beliefs and values.

Transform Your Front Door

If you’re inspired by the color code, Taylor Door Co. can transform any idea for an entryway guaranteed to boost your home’s curb appeal. Serving Metro Detroit for more than 30 years, Taylor Door prides themselves in delivering top-rated service with quality parts and products. If you’re looking for a new front door call 1-800-NEW-DOORS today to see for yourself why Taylor Door Co. is locked on quality!

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