Specialty Glass Door Inserts

by TaylorDoorCo on September 6, 2013


DIY Door Store has everything you need to complete your door repairs fast and under budget. Our large inventory of specialty glass door inserts include glass insert frames, clear glass inserts and stained glass inserts and come in many creative styles. Don’t see the size you need to repair your door? Custom specialty glass door inserts can be exclusively made for your project.

Stained Specialty Glass Door Insert Designs

Our large line of stained specialty glass door inserts include these designs:

Repairing Your Specialty Glass Door Inserts

Repairing a broken glass door insert is easier than you may think and can save you a lot of money if you can do it yourself. Follow these easy steps to quickly and efficiently dispose of your old broken glass and replace it with a new stylish specialty glass door insert.

  1. Once you have removed all the broken shards of glass, measure the exact dimensions of the length and width the glass area.

  2. Purchase the right size and style of glass from DIY Door Store.

  3. Run a good amount of glazing compound around the edge of the window opening and place the new glass insert into the opening while pressing firmly against the compound.

  4. Insert the metal glazing points into the edge of the window, making sure they are spaced equally one inch away from any corners and around each edge.

  5. Finally, use a putty tool to push the glazing points into your door and scrape of the excess glazing compound with a rag or razor and congratulations, your new specialty glass door insert is installed and looking good.

Stop by DIY Door Store Today

If you are having issues repairing your specialty glass door inserts, the experts at DIY Door Store are here to help. Our door repair professionals can help you find anything you may need to fix your door and can show you how to become a door repair expert. With affordable prices and experienced staff, DIY Door Store is dedicated to help you on your next door project. Contact us or call us at (888) 998-3667.

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