Patio Doors Harper Woods

Glass Section Patio DoorsLooking for Patio Doors in Harper Woods?  Taylor Door Co. is the only name you need to know.  We specialize in all types of entry doors and patio doors, as well as garage doors and repairs.  So if you are looking to add some value to your home and put a beautiful patio door in, you have to check us out!

Glass Section Patio Doors Harper Woods

Glass section doors are very beautiful and add value to your home, while letting that warm summer sunshine into your home as well.  Glass section doors make wonderful front doors, but why not put one going out to the patio?  This simple addition to your home will give your home more street appeal and add actual value when it comes time to sell!  Check out some of Taylor Door Co.’s glass section entry doors below.

Window Patio Doors Harper Woods

The main purpose of a patio door is to be able to look out and see your yard.  With glass section doors you get that but sometimes the glass is tiled or has designs throughout and you don’t get much of an actual view.  With window doors it’s pretty self explanatory, you have a window to the outside world with no distortion.  Here are two types of window doors available at Taylor Door:

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