Make Your Door Draft-Free with Weatherstripping

by TaylorDoorCo on September 30, 2013


Unfortunately, over time a door’s weather seals can compress, bend or even rip over time. This leads to those chilly drafts in the winter time. Instead of installing a brand new door, replace those old weatherstripping components. You won’t regret it and your home will be sealed and energy-efficient. DIY has all of the components, pieces and directions you will need to make your door draft-free with weatherstripping.

Supplies Needed:

  • Weatherstripping

  • Sweep

  • Grooving tool (can be rented)

  • Shop vacuum

  • Small slot-head screwdriver

  • Spline roller

  • Router with edge guide and ½-inch straight bit

  • Drill/driver

  • Hacksaw

How To Make Your Door Draft-Free:

Before you order your weatherstripping and door sweep, be sure to properly measure the areas that it will be needed for. Measure the gap between the door and jamb, and the door and stop when the door is closed.Be sure to take measurements along both side jambs and the head jamb and order the correct and proper size for your weather stripping. Then follow these 7 easy steps to make your door draft-free with weatherstripping:

  1. Measure the gap

  2. Cut a groove

  3. Insert the weatherstripping

  4. Rout the dado

  5. Attach the channel

  6. Install the sweep

  7. Adjust the glides

Fix Your Draft with DIY Door Store

DIY Door Store is your ultimate resource for all your DIY door projects and repairs. With these directions and the weatherstripping parts from DIY Door Store, you will be set for all of your DIY door projects! We make it easy to find great step-by-step instructions on all your door repair projects. Shop for all your parts and supplies online at DIY Door Store or call 888-998-3667 today!

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