Glass Doors For Your Personality

by TaylorDoorCo on October 15, 2013


The front door is a guest’s first indication of what lies ahead. A decorative door may indicate a house filled with works of art and bright colors, whereas tempered glass door may be more reserved style and designed to ensure your privacy

Taylor Door Co. offers a huge selection from Western Reflections and ODL glass doors that can fit your personality. So if you prefer traditional, decorative style or energy efficient glass we broke down the four most common glass styles based on personality type.

Open to Experience Glass Doors

People with appreciation for art, emotion and adventure are considered this personality type. Your home is likely to be filled with replicas of famous art from Pablo Picasso to Monet. You have photos displayed from your cliff diving expeditions and your walls are painted in bright, vivid colors.

Taylor Door Co. Recommendation: Decorative Glass

Decorative glass offers distinctive beauty and grace that welcomes visitors entering your home. Glass is handcrafted, and can be custom made for an original look unlike anything else.

Conscientious Glass Doors

Do you consider yourself practical, efficient and organized? If so your have a conscientiousness personality. Its not necessarily about the look of your home your worried about, its more about the practically of it. You most likely own several storage organizers methodically labeled, and you only buy energy-star certified appliances.

Taylor Door Co. Recommendation: Low-E 

Low-E glass is energy efficient glass built with an “invisible thin metallic coating that blocks heat flow”. It’s proven to reduce energy costs just like you energy-star toaster oven. Low-glass is a practical glass door option for the conscientious type.

Nervous Nelly Glass Doors

Nervous Nelly’s are high strung worry worts that expect and prepare for the worst. Entering the house of nervous Nelly is similar to getting on plane , you may encounter frisking and metal detectors. Also, bubble wrap is there favorite decor and your probably will get a tour of their bomb shelter out back.

Taylor Door Co. Recommendation: Severe Weather Glass

Severe Weather glass is the armored truck of glass. Glass is built for a DP±66 wind and missile impact code requirement. It can withstand the strongest gust of  winds or nuclear bomb, depending on where you live. It also meets the standards set by Florida and Texas hurricane/high wind zones.

Glass Doors for Introvert

Introverts are the reserved type they tend to feel most comfortable in quiet environments by themselves or in small groups.  The home of a introvert has curtains and blinds covering every window, and there house is most likely surrounded by 10 foot privacy fence.

Taylor Door Co. Recommendation: Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass allows for optimal privacy and it  can be customized for the level of opaqueness. Level 1 is transparent or clear glass, Level 9 is akin to limousine tints. Okay maybe not that opaque, but level 9 will only show shadow and colors, no distinguishable shapes.

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